Fellow federation users,

A few days ago, I was contacted by an anonymous user claiming to have insider information on the Eunomia project. When I was first approached by the user, I was rather skeptical of the authenticity of the data. After some talking and clarification, it is clear that this information is legitimate. An agreement was reached between myself and this user, and I was given a cache of raw data.

I believe that all government projects should be subject to public scrutiny, and because of this conviction, I have decided to post the full logs of the internal matrix chat of the Eunomia project. You may a full dump in the two links below. I have stripped some information from the file to protect the leaker herself.

Logs.txt | Users.txt

From these chatlogs, a few things are very clear.

Eugen Rochko might be one of the originators of the project, but he is clearly not in control of it. While he is the admin of their main room, it is clear that he is not one of the people calling the shots. The following screenshot should demonstrate this:

These people do not have your best interests in mind. They are not our people. They are not even the "yes men" types Eugen keeps himself surrounded with on Mastodon. These people hail from groups like Trilateral Research, a high brow social science think tank, and SYNYO, a data mining organization. Their posts are completely disconnected from our own culture, and obviously show little understanding of our concerns.

These people are not your friends. We revel in rare type of humor in which irony and reality are rarely distinguished, the punchline lies in the fact that at any moment you could be joking or serious. These people are absolutely unable to deal with this idea of uncertainty, and wish to clamp down on a fraudulent “fake news” epidemic. They are the same types of people to develop website blacklists, and trust factor models.

These people will be mining your data. You will be their test subjects, willing or not. Do not believe any sort of claim that this will respect your privacy. Large amounts of data will be needed to feed their sentiment analysis systems. They have acknowledged as much in their private chats.

These people do not like you. They consider you to be “paranoid” and your concerns to be “ridiculous scenarios” and pure “gossip.” They feel better than you. They are watching & reading your posts; they do not like what they see.

I encourage you to make your own decision about what you are reading here. Read the raw logs for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

Yours truly,